Thursday, August 19, 2010

WeTransfer - Transfer Large Files For Free...

Sharing and sending large files over the internet is typically a pain in the neck. Largely due to the fact that most file storage limits are 50Mb to 100Mb, or 200Mb for paid services such as rapidshare.

A new service from WeTransfer is a user friendly and free file transfer service that allows up to 2Gb to be shared, with up to 20 people, for up to 2 weeks. Beat that!

Common file sharing services typically are difficult to navigate, they almost always have annoying end user download wait time. WeTransfer has none of this nonsense. You can select as many files as you want to send at one time (under 2GB) and you can send an email notice up to 20 recipients with a note attached. Best yet, your files are held for 14 days before deletion.
WeTransfer makes waiting less boring by rotating the background wallpaper of the site while you are uploading.It boasts a nice friendly to use - and look at - interface, 14 day file retention, 20 users per email notification, and up to 2Gb storage. Impressive!

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  1. Arun, Binfer is a great option to send large files directly from computer to computer, without uploading to a server. You can send hundreds of files of any size with a simple drag and drop. Binfer will manage the transfers with auto resumes, encryption, notifications etc. Check it out: