Sunday, December 20, 2009

My New Walkman Buddy

Hye, i just bought my new mp3 player [WALKMAN NWZ-B133F]...

Some spectication of the mp3 player [WALKMAN NWZ-B133F]
  • FM tuner with 30 channel presets for even more music choice
  • Cool “Power Illuminator” red LED flashes with the rhythm of the music
  • Plays popular mp3 and WMA audio file formats
  • Easily drag and drop content directly from Windows Media® Player or Windows Explorer
  • 1GB memory stores up to 250 of your favourite tracks (128kbps)
  • Audio equaliser (4 presets and 2 custom settings) brings out the best sound mix for your music
  • Quick Charge function - plug it in for 3 minutes and get 90 minutes playback. Full charge gives you up to 16 hours listening time
  • 3 line colour LCD screen clearly displays music and artist name
  • Built-in recording function allows you to record voice as well as FM radio

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