Friday, February 18, 2011

VALENTINE ♥ (- reaction of love -)

VALENTINE ♥ (-reaction of love-) _a SHORTFILM by VISHNUWAREN JEGATHESAN_!(Coming Soon)

casting by: Iswaran Kengartharan | Dhivasakti Yogandran

produced by: Vishnuwaren Jegathesan
directed by: Vishnuwaren Jegathesan
assistant director and camera by: Arun Ravintharan
script by: Vishnuwaren.J | S.k Durai
video and audio editing by: Sanjeev Kumar
photographer: Arun Ravintharan (arunstudio)
subtittle by: Thivesni

This is a short film taken by my friend and me, here i include the teaser of the short film, join us in Facebook Infinite Production More photos and behind the scene will be uploaded soon, keep in touch guys...Thankz alot guys for the support...

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